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On October 1st-15th 2023 at Re-Green Eco Culture Center and for six digital follow-up sessions, the first Fungi Regeneration Lab takes place, where we harness the cosmic intelligence of fungi and explore how to use Applied Mycology, Permaculture Design and Doughnut Economics to build regenerative and distributive organisations.

In this free programme, we will learn from designers, innovators and community builders working with fungi and sensible economic models to support the revitalising of communities and ecosystems. Through a permaculture lens, we will explore regenerative ways of growing mushrooms, building healthy soils with fungi, using fungi to grow circular biomaterials and Doughnut Economics tools, while grounding in the beautiful nature of Seliána village.


Follow The Fungi Regeneration Lab’s learning journey with this mini video series from different parts of the programme:

The Five Fungal Needs with Re-Green and Mycorama

This mini video series describes the basic fungal needs you need to provide for if you want to grow healthy mushrooms. It includes practical knowledge, information, and ideas for how to satisfy these needs when growing in your own space.

Brown Mold Illustration

The Need for Fungal Dominant Soil with Nikolaos Gryspolakis

This mini video series describes the need for and the benefits associated with creating fungal dominant soils and includes practical knowledge, information, and examples from Nikolaos' own experience.

Entrepreneurial Skills: HOW TO with Clôd Baumgartner

This mini video series is a practical guide to starting your entrepreneurial journey including: assessing your own business competences, what your purpose is rooted in, and a step-by-step guide to developing a pitch for your project.


Explore practical applications with practitioners

Learn from regenerative business owners, designers, and mycologists through collaborative workshops in novel applications of fungi.

A Permaculture + Regeneration Focus

Explore how to apply Permaculture and Doughnut Economics principles to develop your own regenerative project, whilst observing Re-Green's approach to growing food and natural building.

KEY themes:

Applied Mycology - basic lab

work, indoor + outdoor growing

Fungal Ecology

Mycelium as a regenerative biomaterial

Permaculture Design

Doughnut Economics

Innovation and Business


A participatory transnational exchange of knowledge + skills

You can expect a combination of theory and hands-on practical workshops with a focus on experiential, inter-cultural learning, + the chance to exchange practices and bring your own wisdom to the group in emergent sessions.

Ongoing trainer + peer support

The seminar will be reinforced by six online follow-up sessions, where participants will receive additional support + guidance on their developing projects, and exchange with their new fungi community.

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Immersion in nature

Observing and interacting with the wild nature of Seliána village, with hiking and foraging opportunities, as well as a packed schedule of learning.

Local food + culture

Outside of the daily schedule of learning, there will be opportunities to connect with our local community and learn about the local economy, cuisine and culture.

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Nikolaos Gryspolakis, Free Field

Nikolaos was brought up around nature but aged 19 travelled to study electronic engineering in the urban environments of Glasgow and Montreal. During his PhD in photonic systems he discovered the magical worlds of fungi and permaculture, becoming involved in environmental movements and foraging, cultivating and experimenting with mushrooms for food, soil remediation and regeneration. He has facilitated numerous workshops in Canada, Palestine, South Africa and Greece, and since 2016 he has been designing and planting farms around Greece, including the FreeField (Ελευθεροχώραφο).

KEY KNOWLEDGE: Nikolaos will be offering his extensive knowledge and experience in Applied Mycology, Soil Remediation, Gardening with Mushrooms, Foraging and Permaculture

Clôd Baumgartner, Agency for Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Clôd fosters innovation in the social and environmental sectors by developing innovative curricula for adult learners, empowering them with entrepreneurial skills, as well as supporting NGOs and companies throughout the innovation process. Clôd’s experience as a founder of several regenerative businesses informs her holistic approach, which includes mentoring and coaching for sustainable business endeavours, effective crowdfunding campaigns, as well as building community and leadership skills.

KEY KNOWLEDGE: Clôd will be bringing her entrepreneurial expertise to the product and business design phase of the learning programme to ignite creativity, inspire innovative thinking, and cultivate a regenerative business mindset.

Tina Pedi, Free Field

Tina was brought up in Athens and has a background in Crop Science, specialising in Environmental Science and Plant Health. Living in Crete, she is exploring collective organic farming and creating new products for food and medicine. Extremely fascinated by the world of Fungi, for some years she has been practicing small-scale, diy cultivation at home and outdoors. Mentored by the professors at the Microbiology Laboratory of the Agricultural University of Athens, she made her thesis on monitoring the mycodiversity in protected areas of Crete.

KEY KNOWLEDGE: Tina will be providing her knowledge and experience in working with fungi from spores to mushrooms, sterile lab work and how to make your own laminar flow installation and fruiting chambers.

Emily Antoniadi, Mycorama

Emily is a Greek-English facilitator, fungi grower and co-founder of the Doughnut Economics Greece Network, and is based in the mountains of the Peloponnese. With a background in organisational purpose and sustainability consulting, Emily’s award-winning project, Mycorama, focuses on the potential of fungi to support healthy ecosystems, communities and economies, including growing edible mushrooms, regenerative mycelium-based biomaterials, and creating mushroom health tonics.

KEY KNOWLEDGE: Emily leads the design and planning of this learning programme and will be offering her experience and knowledge in Radical Mycology, Doughnut Economics tools and Permaculture Design + Tools during project activities.

Günter Seyfried, Biofaction, NDU

Günter is an Austrian artist with a background in medicine and psychology and strong links to the fine arts, digital art, and media art. Having graduated from the University of Applied Arts Vienna, he teaches at the New Design University in St. Pölten, department of manual and material culture. He combines science and art education as well as developing projects as an independent artist and participating in national and international exhibitions and publications. He is a founding member of pavillon_35 — Gesellschaft für wissenschaftsbasierte Kunst.

KEY KNOWLEDGE: Günter will be introducing us to the world of material culture and imparting his specialist knowledge and techniques in growing mycelium as a regenerative biomaterial.

Kristin Weissenberger, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

Austrian artist Kristin Weissenberger explores the interplay between human and non-human agency through diverse media. Her cross-disciplinary work merges art, science, craft, and technology, examining our connection with the material world, perception of existence, and interactions in the compromised Anthropocene environment. She studied at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, now lectures at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, and heads the Molding and Casting Techniques workshop. She is also a founding member of pavillon_35 — Gesellschaft für wissenschaftsbasierte Kunst.

KEY KNOWLEDGE: Kristin utilizes Mycelium as a sculptural medium and holds expertise in crafting molds for shaping Mycelium into different forms, even incorporating diverse materials like ceramics.


RE-GREEN eco culture center

Our Ethos

Re-Green was founded on the principles of working with nature rather than against it; providing a place for experiential learning where people can retreat and discover ways to regenerate both the planet and themselves.

Our Fungal Journey

In 2021, the Re-Green family grew bigger when a volunteer decided to start Mycorama, a mushroom project with a mission to explore permaculture ways of working with fungi in Greece. Their research and work has made it clear that there is a need to explore the possibilities of working with fungi to support our health and reduce our society's reliance on destructive industries

The Purpose of this Project

We have seen the impact that bringing people together to learn and share in our Eco Culture Center can have. With this Erasmus+ programme we aim to facilitate a transnational exchange of skills and knowledge around fungi and regenerative practices, and create a space for new ideas to be born - contributing to the regenerative movement in Greece and beyond.





APRIL 2024

Join us at Re-Green Eco Culture Center in the Ziria mountains for an immersion into the world of fungi, including building the basic skills and process for indoor and outdoor cultivation, and creating your own mushroom cultures to take home.

You can find more info about upcoming learning programmes on our events page.


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